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Being young forever is the dream of everyone who cares about their fitness. To be full of energy and vitality, to notice the results obtained in the gym, to recover quickly from workouts, to have an exceptional sexual performance, along with other wonders that are characteristic of the best years of our life. In men, many of these attributes are due for the most part to adequate hormonal balance. To be more exact, the levels of testosterone , the male sex hormone that regulates many of the processes that make men feel "more manly."

With age, and sometimes independently of it, testosterone levels begin to decline physiologically. In many men, this translates into a significant reduction in performance in various aspects of life: physical, mental, and sexual.

Previously, the only alternative for men who believed that they could benefit from an increase in their testosterone levels (mainly athletes and bodybuilders, or men seeking to improve their performance in bed), was to resort to complex drugs, harmful chemicals, preparations that they needed extensive reviews by the doctor to be authorized, and in the "best" case, synthetic testosterone.

With the search that human beings have undertaken to return to their beginnings, to natural and innocuous solutions, organic options have emerged. And for men who don't want to introduce chemicals into the body, there are entirely natural formulas that stimulate normal testosterone production, a function already present in the body. Among these, TestoGen, a supplement made of natural ingredients designed to enhance the production of testosterone, without annoying risks or adverse effects.


What is TestoGen ?

TestoGen is a product of one of the leading manufacturers of health supplements, Wolfson Berg Limited. Yes, this is the same company known for many other popular healthcare products. Therefore, TestoGen definitely has an advantage when it comes to the credibility and confidence of the manufacturer.

According to the manufacturer, TestoGen is a mixture of testo reinforcements scientifically proven to work. The best part of TestoGen is that it does not have artificial steroids.

We know that steroid injection is a popular option for massive muscle growth. In fact, many bodybuilders turn to this solution for quick results.

However, you should know that it comes with several adverse reactions. Trust me, you would be glad you didn't take a steroid to increase your testosterone production.

So why exactly do you need a natural testosterone booster? Obviously, to revert to the lower T levels . But do you have any idea why it is important to maintain the correct testosterone count? Or have you thought about what the consequences might be if you do nothing about it?

How Does TestoGen Works ?

TestoGen is a steroid alternative that improves testosterone levels and does a lot more for the body. Soon after you start using this testosterone booster, you will notice a major improvement in your life and performance.

In fact, some people have confirmed that they notice changes within a few days of using TestoGen. Of course, it depends on man to man and what symptoms you are looking to get rid of.

Finally, TestoGen improves your muscle mass, strength, power and muscle tone. In addition, TestoGen helps you reduce body fat, improve your mood, energy and focus. Of course, the benefits of this testosterone booster help men feel good about themselves and their bodies.

Especially men who are in their thirties or even fifties find that TestoGen helps with the right change. You don't have to be content with feeling old or tired.

However, TestoGen is not for men under the age of 18. Simply, there isn't enough research to prove if it's good for this age group.


Dosage of TestoGen ?

It is an easy to use testosterone booster. All you need to do is take 4 capsules a day , approximately 20 minutes before breakfast . This dosage should be followed on both training days and non-training days.

The recommended period of use is 2 months and 1.5 weeks off.

Obviously, to avoid the risk of side effects, it is recommended to respect this dosage and not to exceed the recommended dosage .

Are There Any Side Effects?

When it comes to taking anabolic steroids, it's easy to hear of abuse and dire consequences. But what about an increased intake of testosterone?

If you decide to take Testogen, you can not worry, because it is a product that uses only natural and officially approved ingredients that have been intensively researched. Some of them have even been known for several millennia and were used even then.

Of course, this is only safe if you strictly adhere to the recommended use when using it, as the product has a very large impact.

However, if you are a minor, expecting a child, or are breastfeeding, you should speak to your doctor beforehand.

what Are the Benefits Buy of TestoGen?

✓ It is a safe and natural testosterone booster that makes a difference after only a few days of use.
✓ Unlike prescription boosters, or HGH injections, TestoGen solves other health problems like blood pressure.
✓ FDA certification guarantees that TestoGen does not contain preservatives or additives.
✓ This alternative steroid comes in capsules and is very simple to use.
✓ The most affordable natural testosterone booster.
✓ Great customer support.
✓ Free Worldwide Shipping
✓ 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
✓ Offers Buy 2 get 1 FREE

TestoGen also offers an address where customers can contact them or return products.
And that's not all! The official website features a live chat, where you can ask questions if you need an answer right away. This is very beneficial, because most companies don't care about such things.

Where Can You Buy TestoGen in New Zealand?

Wolfson Berg Ltd. is based in the UK. The best choice is to buy the product from the official website for the highest quality.

There you can always chat with the customer service team to answer all your questions. You can also find advice and reviews from other users there.

On the official website, you can buy a monthly supply (120 pieces) of capsules at a price of $59.99 with free (and fast) shipping.

The manufacturer also gives you a 60-day guarantee that you will get your money back if you don't see any results.


Testogen contains powerful natural ingredients known for their effects on stimulating testosterone synthesis. Thus, it owes its effectiveness to the action of its 11 components with the respective virtues, which we will review below:

This is a trace element available in vegetables and fruits. It helps in increasing the level of testosterone. In addition, a scientific study has shown that men who consume 10mg of boron per week observed an increase in free testosterone and a decrease in estrogen levels.
This active ingredient participates in improving the quality of sleep and increasing the synthesis of testosterone in the body. This is the reason why the manufacturer has incorporated this element in relatively large quantities in the formula of TestoGen.
Vitamin D has many virtues. It has a positive effect on the heart, general health, nerves and thyroid. Since the testosterone secretion glands have a vitamin D receptor, this element is therefore essential in the production of this hormone.
This vitamin promotes bone growth and absorption of vitamin D.

This element is part of the antioxidant enzymes. It is therefore the antioxidant element of Testogen which participates in the reduction of free radicals responsible for cell damage. It also participates in delaying the aging of cells and tissues as well as muscle relaxation.

It is one of the vitamins essential for the proper development of muscle mass. This ingredient helps the body convert carbohydrates into glucose which is essential for energy production. Moreover, vitamin B6 deficiency can be the cause of the drop in the level of testosterone in the blood and the bioavailability of estrogen. Thus, taking vitamin b6 significantly promotes the increase in free testosterone and helps fight against exhaustion and irritability.
This trace element is recognized for its beneficial effect on the synthesis of testosterone. It also participates in the assimilation of proteins and the production of muscle tissue. Moreover, athletes need a regular supply of zinc since it disappears very quickly with perspiration.
This ingredient promotes the release of testosterone. Indeed, by binding with the SHGB (Sex Hormono Binding Globulin) protein in the blood, testosterone becomes less effective. And the extract of nettle leaves has the role of replacing it with SHBG and freeing it.
This is an aromatic plant which acts to stimulate testosterones and improve libido. This ingredient also helps in muscle development by increasing insulin. This allows you to benefit from more endurance, vitality and strength. Finally, fenugreek extract eliminates free radicals which can influence the proper functioning of the body, in particular through its antioxidant properties.

With a high amino acid content, this root is known mainly for its aphrodisiac actions. But, it also helps fight fatigue and stress.

It is an amino acid produced mainly in the pituitary and testes, and is essential for the synthesis and development of muscles, testosterone and libido.



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